Dredging Contracts

A dredging contract not only requires technical knowledge associated with marine civil engineering construction projects but also maritime expertise about the particular constraints of the operation of a dredging vessel coupled with compliance with maritime shipping regulations.

Far too often Clients consider that their own standard contracts can be used or that lawyers with little to no knowledge of the dredging industry are left to draft the contract documents, often with poor results.

Kinlan Consulting deals with the drafting and negotiation of all aspects of marine-related construction contracts on a daily basis from basic charter party contracts to (EPC) Engineer, Procure, Construct Contracts.

Dredging is a central element in many marine-related projects, Kinlan Consulting has substantial experience of the issues leading to disputes, whether geotechnical, technical, contractual or commercial.

Our expertise is such that we have provided support to many dredging disputes, representing Employers, main contractors, joint venture parties and sub-contractors respectively.

Not all dredging disputes ends up in court. Many disputes are heard privately in arbitration, Kinlan Consulting is able to provide support in the arbitration process. Before embarking on dispute resolution we are able to provide analysis of a disputes strengths and weaknesses and are proactive in resolving disputes.

“The highly specialised nature of the dredging industry means that the best advice is best obtained from those with the necessary expert knowledge”.